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Why Exhibit?

1. Approach Leading R&D Specialists

Talk directly to the specialists; 50% of attendees work in R&D and Business Development, and the figure keeps rising! More over, nano tech’ s visitors also comprises talented individuals from a variety of industries.

Visitor's Job DescriptionVisitor's Field of work

2. The Global Gateway to Open up Your Nanotechnology Business!

nano tech’ exhibitors are composed of all over the world and field. Your business on Japanese market start from here!

Exhibitor's Field of workExhibitor's participating countries

3. Find Your Perfect Partners with the JTB Communication Design Business Matching System

The patented JTB Communication Design Business Matching System (patent no. 5843841) allows participants to easily find new partners and opportunities.


Get in touch with the Secretariat for a detailed analysis of attendees at nano tech, including visitors’ interests, visitor rankings, and more.

Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor BrochureFloor LayoutApplication FormInternational Delegations出展検討お問い合わせ

Application Form PDF

Categories of Exhibits


Fullerene, carbon nanotubes, photonics materials, composite materials, high-performance magnetic materials, highly-pure materials, nano coatings, nano inks, nano composite materials, nano particles, biocompatible materials, graphene, cellulose nanofibers

Evaluation & Measurement

SPM / AFM, ultra precision measuring instrument, electron microscope (SEM / TEM), high efficiency / high sensitive sensor, molecular imaging, evaluation measurement and designing tool, simulation, molecular design software, piezo stage, near-field optical, micro TAS

Fabrication Technology

Nano particle mixture/dispersion, next-generation lithography, nanoimprint, laser processing, electron beam/ion beam processing, fusion/bonding technology, etching, priming charge processing, thin film manufacturing technology, ultra precision surface processing technology, nano transistor technology, precision pattern printing technology, 3D printers

Areas of Application

  • Materials
  • IT & Electronics
  • Nano Bio
  • Automobiles
  • Environment & Energy
  • Life Sciences
  • Biomimetics
  • Robotics
  • Simulation Software
  • Wearables
  • Aerospace
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT
  • Advanced Sensors

Exhibition Fees

Raw Space


1space: 9 square meters (W3m X D3m X H2.7m)

  • * Side panels are provided for no additional charge when a space borders on neighboring booths. Corner booth spaces include only one side wall.
  • * The below exhibition fee does not cover costs for booths’ installation, dismantling, decoration, cleaning, or waste disposal, nor charges for electricity/water supply and drainage or internet fees.
  • * Fees vary according to the location of your booth (see below).
Company Area: ¥345,600 (tax included)/ 9 sqm
Public Organizations, Overseas Pavilions &
University Labs Area:
¥172,800 (tax included)/ 9 sqm

(Optional) Package Booth

Display Cabinet with Sliding Door x 3
Reception Counter
Fascia Board 3m
Name Plate
Folding Chair x 2
Brochure Stand
Name Card Box
Arm Spot Light (100W) x 3
Electric Supply 1kW
Power Socket
Trash Can
Plans start from ¥118,800 (tax included)

* Application for Package Booths starts in October 2017.

Speaker Opportunities for Exhibitors

Exhibitors can apply for presentations held in the East Hall 4-6

Main Theater

Fee:¥270,000 (tax included)  Simultaneous interpretation (optional):¥129,600
1 session:45 minutes
Capacity:100 seats, open stage

A Seminar Fee:¥162,000 (tax included)
1 session:45 minutes
Capacity:100 seats, open stage
B Seminar

Fee:¥291,600 (w/ simultaneous interpretation) (tax included)
1 session:45 minutes
Capacity:100 seats, open stage

■How to Apply:

  • Simply complete the Application Form and send it to the Secretariat by fax or e-mail.
  • You can select your presentation’s time slot(s) from the below time table.

■Fee includes:

  • Screen, projector, and audio equipment (2 microphones)
  • Seminar B only: Simultaneous English-Japanese interpreting

* If you wish to apply for simultaneous interpreting in the Main Theater, please contact us.

* During your seminar, you can use the registration desk to distribute your materials.

* Presentation abstracts and speaker names will be uploaded on the website.

Opportunities for holding seminars in closed venues during the exhibition period are available to all nanotechnology-related organizations. Please get in touch if you wish to hold an international conference or private seminar in the conference tower.

Main Theater Seminars


Main Theater
  Jan. 30 (Wed) Jan. 31 (Thu) Feb. 1 (Fri)


Special Symposium


Special Symposium


Special Symposium


Innovative Design/Manufacturing Technologies SIP Cabinet Offce, Government of Japan


New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)




Taiwan nano


nano tech awards


Holland High Tech Pavilion




Miyata Program, Impulsing Paradigm Change through Disruptive Technologies Program, Cabinet Office

*The program is subject to change.

Seeds & Needs Seminars

Seeds & Needs Seminar Stage A


  Jan. 30 (Wed) Jan. 31 (Thu) Feb. 1 (Fri)
10:30-11:15   Okayama University, Interface Process Engineering Lab.   Park Systems Japan
11:25-12:10   Nihon Rufuto Otsuka Electronics
12:20-13:05 Mitsubishi Kakoki Malvern Panalytical, division of Spectris Bruker Japan
13:15-14:00 Malvern Panalytical, division of Spectris Kyowa Interface Science Kyowa Interface Science
14:10-14:55 Koki Holdings Ashizawa Finetech Institute for NanoScience Design,
Osaka University
15:05-15:50 Heidelberg Instruments Heidelberg Instruments
16:00-16:45   Heidelberg Instruments Nihon Rufuto 

*The program is subject to change.

Seeds & Needs Seminar Stage B (Including Simultaneous Intepretation)



  Jan. 30 (Wed) Jan. 31 (Thu) Feb. 1 (Fri)
10:30-11:15   HORIBA Graphene Special
11:25-12:10 Organization for Promotion Academic City by Kyushu University EKO INSTRUMENTS EKO INSTRUMENTS
12:20-13:05 Element Strategy Initiative (MEXT) Nagoya University AIMEX
13:15-14:00 Nanotechnology Platform Japan MicrotracBEL Malvern Panalytical, division of Spectris
14:10-14:55 Impulsing Paradigm Change through Disruptive Technologies Program(ImPACT), Cabinet Office Sumitomo Heavy Industries Process Equipment
15:05-15:50 Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
16:00-16:45 Japan Fine Ceramics Center kawano lab

*The program is subject to change.

How to Apply

Simply complete the Application Form and send it to the Secretariat by fax or e-mail.

1Deadline for applicationSeptember 28, 2018
2How to payThe Secretariat will email you an invoice after your application is received.
Exhibition fees must be remitted by the date specified in the invoice without fail.
Failure to pay exhibition fees by the deadline may result in your application being declined.
3CancellationsAs a rule, applications cannot be cancelled.
Cancellations are accepted only when the Secretariat deems it unavoidable. In such cases, penalties may be incurred according to the date the written notice of the cancellation is received.


September 28, 2018Deadline for application
End of OctoberExhibitor Manual sent to exhibitors
Early DecemberExhibitor Manual sent to exhibitors
January 28 – 29 Move-in/set-up
January 30 - February 1Exhibition opens

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