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Special Symposium Life Nanotechnology

Development of microRNA liquid biopsy for early detection of cancer

iPS cells imaging using quantum and nano particles for regenerative medicine

Whole-body and whole-organ clearing and imaging with single-cell resolution

Development of a model of basal ganglia-thalamo-cortical circuit for an understanding of Parkinson's disease motor symptoms

New Trend of Drug Discovery by Platform Technology

落谷 孝広

湯川 博

上田 泰己

五十嵐 潤

舛屋 圭一

Takahiro Ochiya
Division of Molecular and Cellulatr Medicine, Chief
National Cancer Center Research Institute  

Hiroshi Yukawa
Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduage School of Engineering, Research Center for Advanced Nanobiodevices
Nagoya University

Hiroki R. Ueda
The university of Tokyo / RIKEN(QBiC)

Jun Igarashi
Advanced Center for Computing and Communication, Computational Engineering Application Unit, ACCC Senior Research Scientist

Keiichi Masuya
Vice President,
Head of Chemistry
PeptiDream Inc.

Special Symposium Cellulose nanofibers

The current trends and challenges for industrialization of nanocellulose

The characteristics and applications of cellulose nanofiber "RHEOCRYSTA"

Manufacturing Technology of Nanocellulose (BiNFi-s) by Water Jet Method.


平田 悟史

後居 洋介

小倉 孝太

Behzad (Benji) Ahvazi

Satoshi Hirata
Nanocellulose Forum

Yohsuke Goi
Chief, Development Group, Rheocrysta Business Division
DKS Co. Ltd.

Kota Ogura
Project Section 1, New Development Department, Corporate Planning Division Chief

Behzad (Benji) Ahvazi
Alberta Innovates -
Technology Futures (AITF)
Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNC) ‎Team Leader

Special Symposium
AI / IoT

Special Symposium 
Materials Infomatics

AI Embedded in the Real World

A Computing Platform for AI processing

麻生 英樹

中村 祐一

Hideki Asoh
Deputy Director,
Artificial Intelligence Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Yuichi Nakamura
General Manager of System Platform Research Labs., NEC

Perspective of materials research

Materials Research by Information Integration Initiative in Nano-technology

細野 秀雄

伊藤 聡

Hideo Hosono
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Satoshi Itoh
Department of Innovation Platform, MI2I program Manager
Japan Science and Technology Agency


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