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HOMEnano tech Awards 2020

nano tech award 2020

Award winners are companies, associations, research institutes and universities, which highly contribute to the industry development. The aim of the awards is to encourage the advancement of nanotechnologies.
Board of review: nano tech executive committee

Grand Award

Toray(booth No.:1W-F06 ) 

Toray has developed many different new materials by making full use of nanotechnology. They include artificial fiber developed based on the observation of cross-section of silk thread, stretch film combining 200% stretchability and high resiliency and nano-laminated film capable of controlling light with high precision.

nano material Award

RICOH(booth No.:1W-F03 ) 

Ricoh has developed unique leading-edge material technology, including environment sensor equipped with solid-state dye-sensitized solar cell and electricity-generating rubber that converts vibration into electric energy.

nano analytics Award

HORIBA(booth No.:1W-J32 ) 

Horiba has exhibited the lineup of analytical evaluation instruments that cover the R&D and quality management of advanced materials, with the introduction of laser diffraction particle size analyzer combined with an image analysis unit, and a photoluminescence spectrometer capable of measuring absorbance.

Nanalysis(booth No.:1W-R38 ) 

Nanalysis has developed and productized ultra-compact NMR of A3 paper size and several-ten centimeter high. The NMR, which is maintenance-free owing to the use of permanent magnet, can examine the substances with molecular weights up to 500 and choose one of five elements, in addition to hydrogen, as an element capable of being identified. It is applicable in a wide range of fields including quality inspection in the pharmaceutical industry.

nano fabrication Award

ELIONIX(booth No.:1W-C20 ) 

ELIONIX has developed electron-beam fabrication equipment capable of high throughput micro-processing at a low acceleration voltage of 50kV. The equipment features high productivity with the ability of 8-inch wafer processing within one day.

nano academic Award

Waseda University(booth No.:2W-V29 ) 

Waseda University’s advanced research using nanotechnology to full extent has produced achievements such as robot crystal with potential biomedical applications, and underwater wireless communication using diamond transistors.

Academic-industrial Alliance Award

TIA(booth No.:2W-L30 ) 

Under TIA, public research organizations and university in the Tsukuba region have promoted support for mass-production and human resource development in companies and led a broad range of academic-industrial alliance throughout Japan. TIA has thus contributed greatly to the development of nanotechnology.

Pick up Award

YAGI(booth No.:1W-A04 ) 

YAGI has concluded a contract on sales representative outside Korea with Finetex of Korea, for the material which was developed in R&D by Faculty of Textile Science and Technology of Shinshu University and productized at Finetex. The product has both waterproofness and permeability and is applicable to anti-steam vehicle headlights.

Research Project Award

NEDO Project
Artificial Photosynthesis Project(booth No.:AT-01) 

NEDO Project, which studies the technology to synthetize plastics raw materials using solar light, water and carbon dioxide, has ensured the reduction of carbon dioxide and petroleum-derived plastics.

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
High-performance Pb-free piezoelectrics for PZT substitution(booth No.:2W-F35)

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) has developed new Pb-free piezoelectrics having piezoelectric property and stability comparable to those of PZT. The material for PZT substitution may cause innovation in the piezoelectrics industry.

Business Matching Award

S-Nanotech Co-Creation(booth No.:1W-B03) 

S-Nanotech Co-Creation obtained a largest number of business meeting appointments with various exhibitors and visitors by using a business matching system, and was strenuously committed to the open innovation.

Special Award

Germany, SAXONY Pavilion(booth No.:1W-U29) 

Germany SAXONY Pavilion, consisting of five nanotechnology companies in Saxony, Germany, has displayed Saxony’s most advanced technologies applied in ICT, material science and many other fields.


KIYOKAWA Plating Technology(booth No.:1W-M09 ) 

KIYOKAWA Plating Technology has developed the most advanced technology for applying plate of minimum several mm thick on all kinds of materials such as metal, ceramic and resin.

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