31 January – 2 February, 2024
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HOMEnano tech Award 2023


nano tech Award has back. Congratulations!

What's is The "nano tech Award"

The "nano tech Award" as the best exhibitor and each “Category Award" as the best exhibitor will be decided by the nano tech executive committee members based on the following evaluation standards.

Evaluation Standards

1. Innovativeness and Inventiveness
  • Whether or not the technology development has a point of view, ideas, novelty, or originality
  • Confirmation of basic technology, technology of main components, peripheral technology, or technology for practical use
  • Existence or non-existence of potential benefits or commercialization prospects that can be expected in the future
  • Status of obtaining patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, etc. (both domestic and foreign patents and pending applications)
  • Publication status of Scientific/Academic literature, etc. (name of literature, date of publication, etc.) and authenticity of published data.
3.Merchantability, Marketability, and Economic Feasibility
  • Suitability of the commercialization plan to the needs of the market
  • Lifecycle time and years in the market, market size forecast, competitive analysis
  • Sales performance (actual data, etc.), and for those without actual sales performance, sales plan (planned timing, quantity, price, etc.)
4. other
  • Any innovations or considerations regarding environmental preservation and safety

Award System

1. nano tech 2023 Grand Award

Products and technologies that are comprehensively outstanding in terms of advancedness, practicality, and business potential, and that are expected to contribute to society and industry.

【Awards in Each Category (8 Awards in Total)】
2. Material Award

Among the products and technologies equivalent to the above Grand Award, particularly outstanding nanomaterials technology/products will be selected.

3. Analytics Award

Among the products/technologies equivalent to the above Grand Award, particularly outstanding measurement/evaluation/analysis technologies/products.

4. nano Process Award

Particularly outstanding nano-processing technology/product among the products/technologies equivalent to the above Grand Award.

5. Academic-industrial Alliance Award

Highly advanced technology developed through collaboration between industry and academia, with promising commercialization prospects.

6. Special Award

Special Award for overseas exhibitors

7. Business Matching Award

The exhibitor who has the highest number of business negotiations through the business matching system during the exhibition period.

8. Green Transformation Award

Awarded for technologies that contribute to Green Transformation.


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Award-winning Exhibitors and Reasons for Selection

1.nano tech 2023 Grand Award

Zeon Corporation(Booth No. : 1L-13)

Zeon has developed a system that instantaneously senses and wirelessly informs the occurrence of defects in heat piping at the time of disaster using carbon nanotube-based thermoelectric conversion elements. It’s diverse business development of carbon nanotubes deserves the Award.

2. Material Award

Preferred Computational Chemistry (PFCC)(Booth No. : 1G-16)

PFCC has developed a technology that may by the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deep Learning shorten the time required for the atomic-level physical simulation from several months to several seconds. PFCC’s software can help support the development of new materials, including catalysts and solid electrolytes.

3. Analytics Award

JOEL(Booth No. : 1T-10)

JOEL is expanding its business range by developing various analytical devices meeting users’ needs, such as an FIB-SEM system that can keep high resolution even at a low acceleration voltage.

4. nano Process Award

Ashizawa Finetech Ltd.(Booth No. : 1G-04)

Ashizawa has developed Dry Type Bead Mill capable of grinding and dispersing particles down to the submicron range. Ashizawa shows the possibility of improved performance of secondary batteries for electric vehicles, whose market is expected to expand.

5. Academic-industrial Alliance Award 

Ise Chemicals Corporation/Yamagata University(Booth No. : 1U-01)

The alliance has enabled the 1nm-level control of emission wavelength of perovskite quantum dot by changing not only the particle size but also the elements of material. Award is given to its potential application to the wide color gamut displays.

6. Special Award

Taiwan Pavilion(Booth No. : 1N-04)

Taiwan Pavilion has an outstanding comprehensive strength of cutting-edge nano technology that achieves successful results in a wide range of fields, including physiology & medicine, energy, electronics/optoelectronics, measurement, manufacturing, and materials.

7. Business Matching Award

On-Chip Biotechnologies(Booth No. : 1A-06)

Using a business matching system, On-Chip Biotechnologies is committed to aggressive open innovation of its proprietary million-scale microorganism screening technology.

8. Green Transformation Award

Toray(Booth No. : 1G-13)

With the fusion of green and nanotechnology, Toray is committed to comprehensive development of new technologies, including material and chemical recycling for contributing to drastic reduction of CO2 emissions and bio-and CO2 recycling technologies.


TDK(Booth No. : 1N-19)

The world’s first “Samarium-Cobalt Micromagnet” which is “approximately 0.1mm thick” and “can be formed on any uneven surface”. This thickness could be hardly formed with conventional vacuum evaporation method, and can form a homogeneous film on the surface of any configuration using special liquid-use film-forming method. It also has magnetic properties comparable to the conventional samarium-cobalt magnet. New applications to motors and sensors are expected.

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